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SDE Feature Class

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Spatial Domain
Bounding Coordinates
West Bounding Coordinate-122.574
East Bounding Coordinate-122.303
North Bounding Coordinate48.823
South Bounding Coordinate48.644

Spatial Reference 

Horizontal Coordinate System Definition
Map Projection
Map Projection NameNAD 1983 StatePlane Washington North FIPS 4601 Feet
Lambert Conformal Conic
Standard Parallel47.5
Standard Parallel48.73333333333333
Longitude of Central Meridian-120.8333333333333
Latitude of Projection Origin47.0
False Easting1640416.666666667
False Northing0.0

Planar Coordinate Information
Planar Coordinate Encoding Methodcoordinate pair
Coordinate Representation
Abscissa Resolution0.0003280833333333334
Ordinate Resolution0.0003280833333333334
Planar Distance UnitsFoot_US

Geodetic Model
Horizontal Datum NameD North American 1983
Ellipsoid NameGRS 1980
Semi-major Axis6378137.0
Denominator of Flattening Ratio298.257222101

Entities and Attributes